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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

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Better SEO for Your Better Sales with Traffic Assistants
What is SEO and Why does my business need it?
You can skip this part if you’re sure of the answer as SEO is apparently not a new demand in the current Internet market.
For those who are not, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to the simplest definition, is a process using various combinations of Internet Marketing tools to improve your website rankings in search result pages of some popular search engines like Google, Yahoo! or MSN. When a web surfer makes a search query using keywords of your market niche, SEO is supposed to bring your website into the first results that the web surfer will probably click through and become your prospective customer.
How to choose an effective SEO company financially worthwhile?
This is a list of things-to-do for you when considering to outsource an SEO company:
Performance:Type the company name in search engines to check if it has an official website or not.Visit the website to estimate the age, size and capability of the company.Request a talk with the responsible person of the company and note down their process descriptions and commitments.The process should look professional with good combined usage of Internet Marketing tools.The commitments should sound feasible, which means they should not fall into the list of “too good to be true” stuff.Reliable companies will often offer free initial assessment of your website performance in terms of sales and marketing effectiveness, so test the accuracy of the service if available.Cost:Compare the service charge and the increased profits estimated. The rate should sound reasonable, not too attractive nor too low.Service:Professional SEO company works exclusively. Be sure you’re receiving exclusive and secure service to avoid SEO frauds.Reserve absolute control and authority over all of the activities of the company to your website during the service.
It is said that good preparation means half of success so are you willing to bring yourself half of online business success by thoughtfully selecting the most effective SEO company? I believe you are.
One favorite option for your SEO company selection: Traffic Assistants
Traffic Assistants ( is a professional SEO and Internet Marketing Service Provider. The company is famous for its:
Potent SEO professionals (300 + of MBA graduates with 3+ years of experience)Global Clientèle (5000 + mainly in the USA, Europe and Asia)Exclusive Effective SEO and Internet Marketing Services (Part-time and Full-time)Affordable Service ChargeFast Satisfactory Customer CareFree Advisory Service
SEO and Internet Marketing Services at Traffic Assistants:
You might only care about the results not the means. However, better knowledge of SEO and related processes will help you make faster decisions and higher demands with the company during the service.
Keyword Research and Optimization: This should always be the first step for every proper SEO process which includes:
Defining the keyword area of your market nicheIdentifying the most appropriate keywords to optimizeOptimize your web headlines, descriptions, tags and the content to assure they are keyword rich and spider and user friendly.
One small but important thing that is only found with Traffic Assistants that, in Keyword Research and Optimization, they will technically work absolutely in the surfers’ perspectives so that the keywords chosen to optimize are the very ones that most prospective customers of your market niche will type in.
Link Building and Popularization: This is an indispensable step in SEO process. This will put your website into a wider network which makes it easier and likelier for web surfers to find you. Simply put, relevant links increase your website rankings and therefore increase your targeted traffic, both direct and indirect.
Link building and popularization is developed both separately and in combination with other Internet Marketing techniques.
Separate process for link building includes:Contacting for link exchange (emailing, telephoning etc.)Posting comments in others’ blogs, forums, social networking profiles and social bookmarking sites
Combined process for link building includes:Article Marketing: A back link will be included in each of your articles. This generates considerable quantity of targeted traffic if your articles are well searched and written. This also increases your website rankings if the articles are properly posted in directories which rank high and have good traffic.
Blog Marketing: Back links will be set in a variety of your blogs. You should have a number of blogs to facilitate interactions between you and your visitors and among the visitors as well. However, managing blogs requires time and skills to assure their freshness and activeness.
Social Media Marketing: Similarly to blog marketing, your web links should appear in participation with social networking sites and social bookmarking sites. Again, because these are well-know places with high traffic, you will have to spend a lot of time updating your accounts not to be drowned in millions of others.
Article Marketing: Writing an article is simple but writing an article that can drive traffic and can be crawled by spiders is such an art. Your articles of course have to be keyword rich with strong headline and sub headlines. Your articles should be useful and interesting and at the same time, they should be written without any self promotional words but still can promote your business brand.
In submission phase of article marketing, you will want to submit your articles to good directories. This requires good knowledge of quality directories and professional skills to do fast effective submission. You can both automatically and manually submit your articles.Social Media Marketing: This can be one of the most enjoyable techniques in which you can creatively interact with broad communities of your market niche. CommerciHyderabaal profiles are not very favorite so you will want to appear non-commercial first and when your communities are wide enough, you can then develop your marketing campaigns.
Social Media Marketing helps a lot in viral marketing as well. Along with building landing pages for your viral marketing campaign, spread the information in these social sites your viral traffic will then be considerably multiplied.Blog Marketing: This is considered to be one of the best Internet Marketing tools that facilitates various advertising and marketing forms and also serves to the fullest of interactiveness and creativeness required for effective Internet Marketing.As said, blogs can be used to implement article marketing, video and audio marketing, anchor links, Adwords and Adsense advertising etc.
Those are the first main steps of SEO process. When investing deeper in Internet Marketing, Traffic Assistants can provides you paid marketing services like PPC, CPA, Affiliate Marketing etc.
Any other reasons for Why Traffic Assistants?
Traffic Assistants is one of the very few companies that effectively use SEO and Internet Marketing tools in combination.It is also the place where you can certainly expect work reports which you rarely receive in the current SEO service market.This is the only one company that invests in high standard trainings for its SEO professionalsTraffic Assistants is against every kind of SEO and Internet Marketing Frauds article source:

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