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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Changing Your Affiliate Formula

Becoming an affiliate is one of the easiest ways to start a business online. To start an online business, you are in fact using someone else's product or service as leverage to create an income stream for yourself.

Not all Affiliates have grasped the correct formula it takes to succeed as an affiliate. Some affiliates go from one program to the next instead of choosing one and sticking with it until success comes. It takes perseverance and commitment to gain success as an affiliate.

There is no one exact formula that works, but if you are using a formula or method that is not working, then it's time to change your affiliate formula. You may be promoting the wrong program; one that doesn't pay out enough to sustain you or you may be using ineffective methods or formula for advertising.

Most affiliate programs come with longer URL's than normal domain names. If you are using your long affiliate URL, go to to get a shorter URL link. It will take the user back to your affiliate page, but it gets rid of your long URL, which I think looks very tacky anyway. People won't take you seriously if they see a long URL link like that of an affiliate link.

If you are advertising on free classified ad sites, you may be wasting a lot of your productive time and that formula may not work for the item or service that you are promoting. Decrease the time you spend posting on free classified ad sites and use your time to write an article or articles and submit them to ezine owners or article directories. You can go to google or yahoo and do a search for "ezines, ezine directory, article directories, submit article." You will find a list of places that accept article submission. Submit your article to no fewer than 10 ezines and 10 article submission sites. Commit to writing at least 2 articles per week and submit them. If you can do more, then that will greatly increase your bottom line and enhance your formula. When you submit your article or your site to various online directories, you generate hundreds of quality one-way links to your site and anyone who searches these directories may find your article or your sites description interesting & visit your site. From this you get a large targeted audience. Make sure you pack your articles with targeted keywords, but make sure that you don't overdo it. Give your audience good information.

Do you know how to blog? If you don't know how, then do a search using the popular search engines. Use keywords like, "blog, blogging," to search for information on blogs. You can also go to and to create one. It can be done in three easy steps. You will get a blog URL after you have created your blog. Submit that blog URL to blog directories, which you will also find by searching the popular search engines. Make sure you blog subject targets the audience you are trying to reach.

Have you tried google adwords yet? Google adwords formula is very effective if you have a strong headline and eye-catching ad. You can go to to learn more about google adwords. Start out with $25 per day and as soon as you start receiving hits from you google ad, go ahead and reduce your daily amount.

Another formula you can use instead of free classified ad sites is discussion forums. Be careful when using discussion forums or you will be considered a spammer. Create a profile and include a signature line with your affiliate link. Introduce yourself first to the forum. Browse the forum to learn how others are posting and if you make contributions to the forum, make then count. Don't ever post ads to the forum. To find discussion forums, go to google or yahoo and search for the type of discussion forum you are looking for. If you go to, you will find a big list of forums to choose from.

If you want to continue to use your ads, use them in ezines as classified ads or solo ads. This formula is much more effective. You an also try to find a website owner who compliments your product or service that you are trying to promote and ask them to do a joint venture with you. It can create a win/win solution for all involved.


Lastly, another formula that words is google adsense. Open a google adsense account at Use the script that will be provided and include it in your articles. Buy a domain name at and upload the google adsense article to your hosting account. Google loves content rich websites. Be sure to include your affiliate link in your article. You will also make some extra money with the google ads that will be displayed in your article from the script provided by google.

Changing your affiliate formula to one that works will guarantee your success as an affiliate. If one formula doesn't work, try another, but don't ever give up. Give the formula at least 30 days to see some glimmer of hope. Try hard before abandoning your efforts. What works for one may not work for the other. Keep on affiliating. It will pay off.

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