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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ten Steps To Success As A Clickbank Affiliate - Easy as 1,2,3

There are many ways to create a steady and regular income with the Clickbank Affiliate program. All you need to use are 2 advertising methods that are widely known. Clickbank Affiliates who are successful CAN bring in a check for thousands of dollars with little more effort than effectively advertising the different products online.

Ten Steps to Success as a Clickbank Affiliate

Lets first talk about what the Clickbank Affiliate program provides to the average person online. Clickbank has an extensive database of electronic products that are sold online. When a person decides to write a PDF book or Ebook, they will post it on their site. They will then go to the Clickbank website to fill out the appropriate forms to start an affiliate program.

Clickbank is basically a merchant account for people who sell electronic products online. Clickbank affiliates will then log in to the Clickbank Affiliate website and search for applicable products to sell.

Clickbank Affiliates will create articles or product reviews to sell a product they have selected from the Clickbank Database.

They will create a website much like the page you are looking at right now, add the Clickbank Affiliate Link to the page and post the article or review to promote the products. Remember that it is better to stick with a niche and find several products within that niche. You can either post the product review on your own site or you can create an article that you can post to article databases.

On those product review pages, a Clickbank Affiliate may also add Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising from Google. When this happens, they will ensure that the document has the proper keyword density to bring the right words to appear in the Google advertisements. Then the Clickbank Affiliate will receive revenue from both the visitors who are clicking on the Google ads and from the people who are interested in the original product.

Google can also be used to advertise the sites you have chosen from the Clickbank Affiliate log-in area. Most Clickbank Affiliate program providers include PPC ads with the affiliate programs website. They will allow for the new Clickbank Affiliate to be able to go to Google, insert the prewritten advertisement and post it. Most of these companies have tested the advertisements and know that they work. Remember as a Clickbank Affiliate that the program administrator should be doing everything to make you money since it is the way that they make money. (Google will need to see your site before they approve you. I suggest going through and signing up for an account that way.)

Let's Review the 10 Steps to Success as a Clickbank Affiliate.

1.Get a Clickbank Affiliate account.
2.Pick your niche and search for it on the Clickbank Affiliate Website.
3.Create a Blogger account and get your Google Account.
4.Choose whether you want to create articles, reviews or both.
5.Write your articles or reviews with the correct Keyword Density. (See Below)
6.Post them either to your website or blogger account and promote it.
7.Go to Google and bid on keywords for your product choice.
8.Place the advertisement and allow the Google system to work for you.
9.Check your Google account and your Clickbank Affiliate account for payment details.
10.Repeat steps 4-8.

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