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Monday, May 4, 2009

More Profits in Pay Per Click Or SEO?

Pay per click has to be something that every real internet marketer has to have considered. Do not get me wrong I think SEO and Google page listings are really important, but you are at the mercy of Google when it comes to good rankings. PPC advertising provides the opportunity to get laser targeted traffic to your sites and landing pages.

Often I need to get traffic to a product quickly to make maximum profit before the rest of my competitors get in on the action. PPC advertising allows me to get my message to buyers in minutes. Search engines can take time to index your sites and for me it takes too much time to optimize my sites for specific keywords. Pay per click also has the added advantage of allowing you to identify and ditch badly converting keywords quickly whilst promoting those that convert sales.

There are downsides to using PPC advertising if you do not get it right. You will quickly lose rankings for your best converting keywords if your landing pages are poorly optimized. Google in particular will charge you more for your keyword bids which will cut into your profit margins. So my advice is to make sure that your landing pages are highly optimized for your PPC keywords.

The best advice I can give you is to constantly learn from other PPC marketers. They are more than will to share advice and there are many good free courses out there and PPC product reviews in the pay per click market.

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