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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Make Money Online As A Google Affiliate

There are almost an unlimited number of ways to make money online. Some people make money by creating products and marketing them. Others capitalize on selling other people's products and services through online affiliate programs.

Either of these is lucrative enough to sustain an online business, but from time to time, a company comes along that offers something of great value. When this happens, it is good to be able to offer it to others, both for the benefits that they will receive and for the commissions that we can earn.

Becoming a Google affiliate is one way in which you can have the best of both worlds. Not only do they have a great program for you to promote, if you are good at promoting it, you can walk away with some nice commissions.

What exactly is the Google affiliate program, how can you get involved and who would be interested in their services?

Many people consider the Google Adsense program to be their affiliate program. But in reality, while it is a means of making money (by putting contextual advertising on your website), it's not actually a bona fide affiliate program.

Google does offer an affiliate program in which you can promote some of their services, including Adsense. Some of the other products that you can promote include Picasa, Adwords and the Firefox web browser with the Google toolbar. Even though this is a separate program from the Adsense program, you still must be an Adsense publisher in order to participate.

In order to get involved in the Google affiliate program, you need to have an active Adsense account. Opening such an account is easy, but requires that you have a website or blog. Once you are in the program, you can begin promoting the Google affiliate programs almost right away.

As with any affiliate program, however, the services are most easily marketed and promoted to those that are especially interested in them. Who fits into this category?

For the most part, webmasters and those that fall within the Internet marketing niche will be interested in what the Google affiliate program has to offer. This is because it offers a way for them to either drive traffic to their websites or to monetize their existing traffic. There is also the free download of Picasa, a computer image organizer and viewer. If you have existing traffic that is
interested in this program, you certainly can capitalize on it.

Although it may not be the most lucrative affiliate program on the Internet, having the ability to offer products that are offered by Google can help you to provide your website visitors with something of value. Not only that, you can attract the type of traffic that is interested in Google's services and walk away from the table a winner.

All in all, the Google affiliate program is a means of adding a dimension to your existing web advertising that is not available otherwise.

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